CDL Suspension

It’s bad enough to lose your driving privileges, but those who reply on their ability to drive for a living literally put their livelihoods at risk when faced with Commercial Driver’s License, or “CDL,” suspensions.

When drivers with CDLs are convicted of operating any motor vehicle in the State of Florida, even a personal vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or even possession of controlled substances, they face losing their licenses for up to a year. And second offenders can be permanently disqualified from ever driving a commercial vehicle again.

It’s important to know that commercial drivers are held to a higher standard that regular drivers. Most often, the vehicles are significantly larger and more training is needed to operate them, especially when it comes to big rigs like 18-wheelers. In fact, CDL holders can even be convicted of driving while intoxicated with lower blood alcohol levels than the rest of the population.

Always be smart when it comes to protecting your livelihood, your life and those around you. But when mistakes happen, don’t leave your fate to chance. Call the Kissimmee, FL CDL suspension lawyers at Skubiak & Rivas immediately. In many cases, we’re able to reinstate our clients’ driving privileges so they can continue supporting themselves and their families.