Experienced Red Light Camera Attorneys Serving Kissimmee, FL Residents

Florida drivers cannot have missed the controversy that has arisen in recent years surrounding the use of red light cameras. Over the last half-year, upwards of 70 municipalities around the state have installed these cameras, after 2012 camera tickets brought in revenues of around $46 million. Thousands of Florida drivers will have received automatic citations—and you may be one of them. But before you pay that ticket, it’s worth understanding the flaws and inefficiencies found in these cameras.

Red light cameras at timed to activate when traffic lights switch to red. They detect movement past the light and take photos of license plates of passing cars. In some cases, the cameras can also determine how fast the car is moving. If you roll through a yellow-turning-red, these cameras can both detect and document the infraction much more reliably than a police officer. The license plate number is then indexed to your car registration and you receive a ticket.

Nevertheless, the devices do not work perfectly due to both the complexity of traffic rules and the possibility that they might be defective. If you have been ticketed by a red light camera but don’t remember committing the infraction, speak to our Kissimmee, FL red light camera ticket lawyers at Skubiak & Rivas. The cameras often ticket drivers who carry out legal maneuvers at lights, such as turning right on red after coming to a complete stop.

In other cases people have been inappropriately ticketed when a camera malfunctioned. A defective camera, for instance, might be activated by a driver infraction but then carry on snapping photos even after the light has changed to green.

While cameras offer more precision in cases of actual traffic violations, their reliability should not be taken for granted, especially when the consequences for you can be so high. If an improperly issued ticket leads to points on your license, you may pay hundreds more dollars than necessary per year in increased insurance premiums. Alternatively, you can call our highly experienced traffic law team for a free consultation. Our red-light camera legal representation is $130, with a convenient pay online feature that means many clients never even have to visit our office and get to avoid the courts entirely.

Our mission at Skubiak & Rivas is to protect your driving record and save you money. Don’t let a machine with questionable efficacy jeopardize your reputation as a safe and responsible driver. Call our Kissimmee, FL red light camera attorneys today.