Aggressive Kissimmee, FL Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Most drivers will face a speeding ticket at some point in their lives. This does, however, automatically mean you are in fact guilty of speeding or that your driving record must take a severe hit. Before paying your speeding ticket, call the traffic attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas.

Unlike all other local law firms, our legal team focuses exclusively on traffic law. This gives us a profound edge in experience. With 30 years of combined traffic law experience and more than 50,000 cases or tickets resolved, we understand both the laws and the procedural technicalities relevant to your speeding ticket.

Speeding can cause severe safety issues for you as the driver, others sharing the road, and pedestrians, but some municipalities have lost their focus on safety and look at speed limit enforcement as nothing more than an easy source of revenue. These municipalities will often set traps for speeders or fail to make the speed limit clear in certain areas, hoping to bait additional revenues.

If a police officer pulls you over and alleges you have been speeding, your reaction will determine a great deal about how your case is resolved. Do not argue or contradict the officer. Stay calm, be courteous, and take the ticket without comment. And then immediately give us a call.

Our attorneys will examine your case from every possible legal or procedural angle with the aim of getting the speeding charge reduced or even dropped. We want to help you save money over the long term: Hikes in your insurance rate due to speeding-related points on your license can cost you hundreds of dollars per year, but our legal assistance starts as low as $59.95.

Police officers are there to help protect public safety. We’re here to help you keep your driving record—and your bank account—in the safest condition possible. Call our Kissimmee, FL speeding ticket law firm today.