You Won’t Let A Suspended License Halt Your Life, But The Consequences Can Be Severe Without An Orlando Traffic Lawyer’s Help

A license suspension often poses severe logistical issues for those left without access to alternative transportation. Although driving on a suspended license carries heavy risks of fines or even imprisonment, some drivers choose to do so anyway in an attempt to reduce other competing risks, such as that of losing their jobs or of their children missing school for long periods.

With over 30 years combined experience, the traffic attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas understand the hardships entailed for many individuals by a license suspension. We know that many conscientious drivers choose to violate their suspension simply out of need, but the consequences of that violation can still be severe. Violators may be charged with a serious civil or even criminal offense. In very extreme cases, violators have been charged with a felony. If convicted, some violators could face license suspensions of up to five years.

There is a possible way out, however. With the help of adept legal assistance, a license revocation could potentially be reduced, driving privileges restored, or fines decreased. Our attorneys have resolved over 50,000 traffic tickets and cases, and unlike many other attorneys in Orlando, traffic law is all we do. You can bet we have almost certainly encountered a case similar to yours at some point. We have assisted thousands of drivers in regaining their driving rights after they faced a charge for a suspended-license violation.

Drivers with suspended licenses who meet strict criteria may be able to obtain a hardship license, which allows work-related driving until you have served the term of your suspension. We have even helped some drivers get their suspensions waived and driving privileges restored, without ever needing to appear in court. Call today to see what the dedicated traffic attorneys at Skubiak & Rivas can do for you.